Which Restrictions to be imposed from November 2814:46, 26.11.2020

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council led by the Prime Minister of Georgia has decided to tighten and extend the existing COVID restrictions in the country by taking into account the current epidemic situation observed in Georgia.

In line with a decision made by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council:

From November 28 through January 31:

Following will be restricted throughout Georgia:

· Mobility of people walking or driving, as well as a stay in a public space from 21:00 to 05:00; Exception will be made for the New Year’s Eve on December 31 and Orthodox Christmas on January 6;

· Regular inter-city passenger transportation, including that of by rail, bus or minibus. Restriction does not apply to light vehicles (including taxis);

· Restaurants and eateries will be entirely transformed into remote service rendering facilities, whereby the following will be permitted:

– Take-Away;

– Delivery;

– Drive-Through.

· Operation of fitness centers, gyms and swimming pools;

· Any and all types of conferences, training sessions, cultural or entertainment events. Only virtual format will be permitted online;

· Operation of sports, arts and culture groups/studios.

Following restrictions are introduced in addition to the existing ones in large cities – Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori, Poti, Zugdidi and Telavi – as well as in skiing resorts – Bakuriani, Guraudi, Goderdzi and Mestia:

· Municipal transport will be suspended within Tbilisi, Telavi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori. Poti and Zugdidi;

· Shops (except for groceries, animal food stores, pharmacies, veterinarian drug stores, household chemicals and hygiene shops, printed media kiosks) will operate only by distance service delivery;

· Open and closed fairs and markets will suspend operation. Fruit and vegetable markets will continue to operate;

· Schools, vocational training centres, higher education institutions (except for medical education programs) will be entirely transforming to distance learning;

· Private and public kindergartens will suspend operation.

At skiing resorts following restrictions will also apply:

· Hotels may operate only as quarantine spaces;

· Operation of skiing lifts and tracks will be suspended as well.

Restrictions will be eased from December 24 through January 2:

Throughout Georgia:

· Malls, open and closed fairs and markets will resume operation;

· Municipal and inter-city passenger transport will be resumed.

From January 3 through January 15:

Throughout Georgia:

· Referred dates will be deemed as holidays and off-duty;

· All the restrictions, which were enforced from November 28 through December 24 will be reinstituted;

· Public and private institutions will not operate, except for banks and facilities/services of strategic importance.

From January 16 through January 31:

Throughout Georgia:

· Municipal and inter-city passenger transport will be resumed, along with shops, open and closed fairs and markets (except for week-ends, when they will remain closed)

· Transport, retail shops and fairs will not operate on week-ends.

Restrictions will not apply to the following in the entire period:

· All other types of economic activities, including the following:

1. Public and private construction and repair works;

2. Banking and financial intermediation;

3. Groceries, animal food stores, pharmacies, veterinarian drug stores, household chemistry and hygiene stores, printed media kiosks;

4. Delivery and take-away services;

5. Beauty parlors, barber shops, aesthetic medicine centers;

6. Vehicle repair and technical inspection services;

7. Repair services of household appliances;

8. Fruit and vegetable markets;

9. And others.

· Mobility by light vehicles (including taxis) is not restricted.

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