A Volleyball court

A new space for sport games.  A volleyball court has appeared in the compact settlement of internally displaced persons in Tserovani.  A month passed from the idea to its implementation.  It all started with the initiative of six children from Tserovani who applied NGO”For a Better Future” for help and received a grant of 1,500 euros.  But this was not enough. The initiative group addressed the Administration of South Ossetia and business representatives, who helped them to implement the project – to equip a volleyball court with all the necessary attributes, as well as installation of  table for tennis.

 On August 20, in Tserovani, this object was opened, where prizes were raffled off.  The Administration of South Ossetia supplied the tournament with cups, medals and balls.

 The representative of the Administration of South  Sergo Gabelaya noted that the Administration always supports the youth whose families were forced to leave their homes: “We will always support projects that will be aimed at the development of youth whose families were forced to leave their homes.  Today we brought the children the necessary attributes and are glad that new tournaments will be held on the new site – now in volleyball ”.

 The area of ​​300 square meters for the volleyball court was allocated by the Akhalgori regional Administration which is located in Tserovani.  The deputy head of the municipality Gela Shermadini noted that the Administration liked the children’s project, they discussed it in detail and decided to build a new sport ground: “The guys cleared the territory and implemented their project themselves. I express my gratitude to them for that.  As you know 2000 families and youth live in Tserovani.  They have no place to spend their leisure time.  The new volleyball court is another place where young people can plan various sport events and spend their free time with benefit”.

Mariam Petriashvili is one of six guys who came up with a project for arranging a volleyball court.  She spoke about the importance of the project for the younger generation of Tserovani: “Young people will be able to play volleyball, relax in the park, which we plan to equip here.  And whoever wishes can play table tennis.  In general, we wanted young people to be able to use their free time with benefit.  And thank  for this opportunity to the nongovernmental organization “For a Better Future”.  Thanks to those who helped get the electricity going.  And thanks to the Administration of South Ossetia for the response and assistance in this project”.

 The NGO “For a Better Future”was established in 2009 and works on the professional development of women and youth.  Since 2017 the area of ​​activity of the organization has covered the entire region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti.  Project manager of the organization Ekaterine Zaridze said that Tserovani’s project is one of five that are being implemented for IDPs.  Projects were also implemented in villages bordering the occupation line: “In five locations – in the village of Odzisi, which borders on the occupation line, as well as in places of compact settlement of internally displaced persons in Shavshvebi, Khurvaleti, Tserovani and in Preseti, we found young people who wanted  change for the better the place where they live.  We gave them a training, after which they came up with an idea, developed it, wrote a project and presented it to donors.  This project is a project to promote a healthy lifestyle.  We gave them a grant of 1,500 euros, which was not enough.  Therefore, the young people addressed the Administration of South Ossetia, as well as various business companies.  Their help was timely and meaningful. “

 The initiative group’s project was timely.  Luka Mgebrishvili was two years old when he had to leave his native Akhalgori.  Today he is 14 years old and he is in sport  “I am very glad that we have the opportunity to play sport games outside the building.  We couldn’t get to the gym due to the pandemic.  Therefore, I thank those who took on this project and carried it out! “

 Let’s remind you that there is a state school and a sport hall in Tserovani where various sport events are held.  Now the residents of Tserovani have the opportunity to hold them in the open air.

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