Appendix 11 Recommendations for the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Self-Isolated Persons

1. In accordance with the established rules due to new Coronavirus (COVID-19)the following rules must be followed by self-isolated person.
A) Being in self-isolation for 14 days from the date of the last exposure to the dicease and controlling their own health;
B) Visitors and guests are not allowed to enter the isolation area;
C) Deliver of food through indirect contact is permitted.
D) Minimize contact with other people in the living space. Contact within 1 meter is not allowed for more than 15 minutes.
E) Having separate dishes (cups, plates, spoons, etc.), towels, beds during the isolation period;
F) Telephone contact and Internet access are not restricted:
G) During the period of self-isolation, relevant public health authorities will be monitoring. Health monitoring can be carried out without direct contact – by measuring the temperature, detecting symptoms – on a monthly report;
H) In the case of clinical signs of fever and / or respiratory infection immediate referral to an infectious profile hospitalist;
I) In case of urgent inpatient medical care for non-communicable diseases (eg, surgical, gynecological, etc.), transportation to the clinic will be carried out by special vehicle, and stationed in the boxed ward until the expiry of the isolation period;
(J) Refraining from the use of tobacco, alcohol or other substances;
K) Maintain a healthy lifestyle – healthy food, rest, physical activity and social contact with dear people; Contact other family members and friends at home by phone or email.
2. If a self-isolated person is employed, the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, and Social Affairs of Georgia is authorized to issue a certificate of hospital effect to such persons upon request.

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