Protesters shouted “Let her go!” as Williams was handcuffed


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ICE deported 2,057 gang members in fiscal year 2016, said Danielle Bennett, a spokeswoman for ICE, and 5,396 in fiscal year 2017, a 162 percent increase. Gang members went from 0.9 percent of total deportees to 2.4 percent year over year. But it’s not evident how many of these deportees were associated with MS 13..

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canada goose Georgia state Sen. Nikema Williams (D Atlanta) was arrested along with more than a dozen other protesters at the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon at a demonstration asking the canada goose rossclair uk state to “count every vote” from last week’s gubernatorial election. Protesters shouted “Let her go!” as Williams was handcuffed while the General Assembly was in session.. canada goose

Don think six months ever went by in all this time that we weren in contact, says Ron. Helped me a lot. After my marriage and with me having numerous girlfriends over the years, I would always call Kim when I had something to complain about: do women do this? She was my go to person.


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